Why do I love screen prints? September 04 2015

Its partly the partly the texture. Bold, blocks of rich and glossy colour on thick sumptious matt cartridge paper. A screen print is an object.

Its partly the timeless quality. I love this poster for the Polish State Circus by Jerzy Treutler dating from the 70s. It encapsulates the simple, economical style of screen printing that makes you smile or think or remember. 

Its partly because its fun. I had my first proper go at screen printing at Camberwell college of art about four years ago with a tutor and screen print artist called Tony Lee. I was already making stencil art, which relates well to screen printing, so he was able to help me dive straight in. I was delighted with the bold, definite results. I knew it was something I wanted to do more of, and setting up my own screen print studio has definitely been a labour of love.