Q. Who is Ooh! wall art

A. Ooh! wall art is the online shop of the print artist Anna Pharoah. You can find out more about me here


Q. What is your return policy?

A. You can read the full policy here ; however, for general returns where there is no damage or defect, you are obligated to bear the cost of returning the goods and will need to return the frame and print so that it arrives in the same perfect condition you received it. 


Q. Will I be able to buy a frame to fit to my new artwork?

A. Ooh! prints are standard sizes (50x70cm and A3), and if you decide you purchase your artwork unframed, you will easily be able to buy a ready-made frame in those sizes from a high street retailer. 


Q. Are Ooh! prints valuable?

A. Because my prints are limited edition and handmade they are not as easily replicated as digital giclee prints, in time they might increase in value as collectors items. However, the chief value in owning a piece of unique artwork that you love is to enjoy it every day when you see it on you wall. 


Q. How do I keep my print in good condition?

A. Ooh! prints are created on the highest quality paper are are kept in a dry, stable environment. Your print will arrive in perfect condition and provided you do not role the print, and keep it in a safe, dry and environment, it’s quality can last for decades. It's also important to always handle your print with clean hands and on a clear clean and flat surface to avoid marking or creasing the paper. I recommend the you frame your print, either by buying it framed on this site, or via another method, because this will help ensure your print is kept in great condition. 


If you have any other questions please email anna@oohwallart.co.uk