Homely Crows, egg-blue mini edition


This Ooh! Wall Art limited edition artwork is high quality and handmade using fine art print techniques. It is part of a limited edition series of 45. 

Playful hand-pulled two colour screen print, featuring a sequence of two images. In the first a bird is on a perch outside a birdbox, in the second their eyes meet those of another bird, who is writing on a typewriter. The design was developed from a series of sketches of a plasticine model which I created to help develop the design, which can be viewed on my Facebook page. 

A friend asked me to draw a picture that encapsulated the word 'brilliance'; I only had a few seconds to decide what to draw, but I quickly sketched a crow writing on a type-writer. I liked the idea and developed it into this finished print, adding in another character and the birdhouse location.

Print is numbered and monogrammed by the artist.



SIZE: A3, 29.7 x 42.0cm, 11.69 x 16.53 inches

TYPE: Hand pulled 2 colour screen print

PAPER: Archive quality Fabriano Cartridge (GSM 200)

YEAR: 2015

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