Monster bike-bomb


This special four-colour limited edition screen-print celebrates Ooh!'s first anniversary. It is part of a limited edition series of 50 and so is unique in all the world. It is signed by the artist, suitable for collecting and available framed. 

Monster bike-bomb is a bright high-energy picture for fun-loving folk. A big, happy monster discovers a little bike and can’t wait to have a go, but the bike is so small he struggles to control it, and crashes into a pond. At least he had fun getting there! A dose of freedom, fun, and enthusiasm to hang on the wall and look at whenever you’re taking things too seriously.

Inspiration: The inspiration of this print is ‘zoobombing’. My friend across the pond in Portland told me about it. Once a week she and her grown-up friends take tiny kids bikes up to Oregon Zoo and ‘bomb’ down the hill at high speed. With zoobombing, as in my print, the most glorious riders have the smallest wheels.



SIZE: 50 x 70cm /19.5” x 27.5”

TYPE: Hand pulled 4 colour screen print

PAPER: Archive quality Snowdon Heavyweight Cartridge (GSM 300)

YEAR: 2016